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Why do it?

'for Fun, Fitness and Friendship'


People of all ages find that Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is great fun. The music, the movement, the teamwork and the satisfaction of getting a dance right add up to an exhilarating experience.  And if the dance sometimes doesn't go quite right, we can all laugh at ourselves!


Experts agree that it's an ideal form of exercise for both the body and the brain. Dancing is very good for your heart and lungs, and it can also improve your balance and bone density.​ Scottish country dancers often have better agility, stronger legs, and walk more briskly than many other people. Because it engages the brain, it can also contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.  More on the health benefits of Scottish Country Dancing can be found on the RSCDS website.


Scottish Country Dancing is very sociable.  It's normal for people to change partners between each dance - and there is no need to be introduced!  You don't need to bring a partner with you, and many people go as singles to even the most formal balls.  If you're inexperienced, you'll certainly find that the experienced dancers will be keen to partner you and help you through a dance. It's all about co-operation and teamwork. 

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