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How to get started

We welcome all comers at our Monday club evenings, and our more-experienced members will help beginners to 'find their feet', but if you are new to Scottish Country Dancing there are opportunities to learn the basics in a more structured class setting. 

Local Classes

Our local branch of the RSCDS runs a beginners' class from time to time, according to demand, usually over 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings in Camberley. Full details can be found on the BHS Border Branch website.


U3A groups

There are a number of U3A groups in the area holding classes which are usually suitable for beginners. An up to date list on the BHS Border Branch website can be found here.    

Day Schools

Most RSCDS branches and some of the larger clubs hold annual Day Schools on a Saturday during the season, usually morning and afternoon, with musicians playing to accompany the classes.  Sometimes the classes are followed by an evening social dance.  Often, but not always, there will be a class for beginners or those with limited experience.  There is no single source of information about day schools, but details of some may be included in the South East Dance Diary.  Details of two local day schools can be found in the Branch News (a newsletter circulated by the BHS Border Branch).

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