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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society


Guildford Scottish Dance Club is affiliated to the RSCDS, and has close links with its Berks/Hants/Surrey (BHS) Border Branch, which acts as an umbrella organisation for many clubs in the area.  


The RSCDS was founded in 1923, and currently has over 11,000 members worldwide.  It has 159 Branches and over 300 Affiliated Groups in more than 50 countries.  It exists to preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish country dancing and its music. It does this in many ways, including:

- encouraging the formation of dancing clubs and classes,

- training and certifying teachers,

- setting standards in dancing technique and dance terminology,

publishing books of dances, both traditional and modern,

- publishing recordings of dance music, and much else.  

The following major events are organised annually by the Society:

- Summer School: any of 4 weeks in St Andrews in July/August

- Winter School: 5 days in Pitlochry in February

- Autumn Gathering: a weekend (with the AGM) in Perth in November

- Spring Fling: for under 35s, 2 weekends in different international venues in May

The Society's website contains a vast amount of information about Scottish Country Dancing.

RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch

This is our local Branch of the RSCDS, through which people living in this area normally join the Society. During the main season (September to May) it runs a weekly General Class in Camberley, normally taught by Mervyn Short who is a teacher much in demand internationally. It also runs a fortnightly Advanced Class on Mondays near Bracknell, and a Beginners' Class from time to time according to demand. 

During June to August, when most local clubs are inactive, the Branch organises Summer Dancing on Wednesday evenings in Camberley, which many people from the various clubs attend.


Annual events organised by the Branch are a Day School in March, a formal May Ball with a first-rate band, and three Social Evenings (September, Christmas and May).


The Branch publishes 'Branch News' three times a year.


The Branch website is an excellent source of information about what is going on locally.

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