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Dress and Footwear

What to wear

For Club Evenings, any comfortable clothes that don't restrict your movement are fine.  Quite a lot of men wear kilts, but Scottish dress is by no means compulsory!  And, be prepared to get quite warm.

For Dances and Balls, the dress code will often be mentioned on the flyer or ticket; Dances tend to be informal but smart, whereas posh frocks and Highland evening wear are appropriate for Balls.


Ideally, you need soft shoes for Scottish Country Dancing.  To start with, light trainers or plimsolls are fine, but as you progress you may want to buy proper soft dance shoes.  Many women wear ballet type slippers, while both men and women wear lacing 'ghillie pumps'.  Jazz shoes are a good alternative for those who need a bit of extra arch support. If you need to buy shoes, specialist suppliers offer good mail order services - eg, St Andrews Shoemakers (formerly James Senior), Thistle Shoes and Munro Competition Shoes.  Alternatively, you can look online for local shops.

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